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AXO Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

This past summer, Northeastern Pennsylvania experienced a string of days when temperatures were well above 90 degrees, even hitting over 100 in some areas.

For one who rides a motorcycle with full gear all the time, these temps can quickly bring discomfort, especially when sport riding. And although I'm religiously in full leathers when the spirited rides are nagging my noggin, sometimes I'm just looking to ride in complete comfort, wanting whatever cool breeze is available to wrap around my body when the temps are stuffy.

Leather jackets can't fully complete this heat-management task, and neither can textile...well ones within a reasonable price ranges, anyhow. This leaves mesh, a material I've long strayed from due to safety and fashionable reasons.

Throughout the past few years, though, mesh jackets have ascended in safety standards, but not so much in looks. That was until I laid eyes on the AXO Airflow mesh jacket. Now here was a mesh jacket featuring safety standards of modernity, and some style.

The AXO Airflow jacket contained the tools needed for those extremely hot summer days: maximum heat management (about 85 percent mesh), subtle Italian styling, CE-approved shoulder and elbow armor, and abrasion resistant fabrics.

First, let's talk sizing. There aren't size charts available for AXO street jackets, so I chanced a medium, knowing I'd only be donning a T-shirt beneath. With a 34-inch waist, it fits snug without tightening the two-waist straps. A large would have likely been better for my 5'11" height and 170-pound frame, the medium a bit snug.

But if you have a smaller waist, the straps on the AXO Airflow will allow for a customized fit. There are also two adjustable straps on the arms - one over the bicep, the other over the forearm - allowing for an even further customized fit, and two separate snaps for the collar.

Regarding airflow, the AXO Airflow has mounds of it. With the amount of airflow and lightness of the jacket, it quickly becomes unnoticeable, like you're only wearing a t-shirt. But when the occasional bug or rock hits you, it provides that protection verses not wearing a jacket. As for the actually abrasion-resistance of the mesh when one meets concrete, luckily I haven't found out. But one just has to pull on the thread to feel the strength of the mesh.

Compared to other jackets, especially textiles from the top brands across the industry, the CE-approved shoulder and elbow armor seem a bit bulky and heavy at those points at first. In fact, if you take all four pieces out they appear to weigh more than the actual jacket. But it's an acquired feeling, and I adapted to the awkward feeling of the armor after a few miles.

Another feature that attracted me to the AXO Airflow jacket was that you can fold or roll it to smaller size and pack it away. When traveling throughout the summer, this jacket fit nicely into my VFR's Givi bags without a problem. Whenever the temps hovered above 90, and no rain was in the forecast, I'd strap down my leather jacket to the passenger seat and toss the Airflow on, having ultimate comfort all day.

As for pockets, the AXO Airflow features three external pockets with zippers (two waist, one left breast), and one internal breast pocket, also on the left side.

That leaves the one remaining element: style. This is simple; it's designed in Italy, so what more should I say?

The verdict: If you're seeking ultimate heat management while still saving some skin in case of a crash, and wanting some attractive glances from the opposite sex due to its good looks, the AXO Airflow mesh jacket is for you.

AXO Aiflow Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

  • Colors: Black or Gray
  • Sizes: S-XXXL
  • MSRP: $158

For additional information, log onto AXO.


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