MotoGP: Repsol Honda Reaches 100 Wins

Repsol Honda

Following is a history of how Repsol Honda achieved 100 victories in World Championship racing (500cc, 990cc, 800cc), which was reached after Casey Stoner won 2011 Aragon MotoGP. In its era, the team had wins from Stoner, Pedrosa, Andrea Dovizioso, Valentino Rossi, Nicky Hayden, Tadayuki Okada, Álex Crivillé and Mick Doohan. For more info, open the first pic, which is a graph explaining Repsol Honda’s success.

On March 26, 1995, the Motorcycling World Championship started a season with the arrival of a new sponsor in the premiere category.

The Repsol livery painted with an attractive design the official NSR 500 of the Honda Team. In his first race, Mick Doohan inaugurated in the best way the collaboration of the two big international companies, achieving the first of the 35 victories by one of the most solid and successful partners of the Motorsport world and especially of the Motorcycling World Championship.

Today, 16 years later, Casey Stoner achieved at the Aragón Grand Prix victory number 100 in the Motorcycling World Championship for the Repsol Honda Team. A success that confirms this long-lived pair of Repsol and Honda as one of the most important and successful teams of Motorcycling history. The Australian adds today’s triumph to the list of successes achieved by great riders such as Mick Doohan, Valentino Rossi or Álex Crivillé, who got on the first step defending Honda’s orange and blue colours so characteristics of the Motorcycling World Championship.

It has been 16 years in which the Spanish energy company and the Japanese motorcycling brand have built a relationship which translated into 8 World Championship titles in the premiere category, thus achieving international recognition which started with that first victory of Mick Doohan.

That win was followed by another 34 for the Australian, a major player in this feat. It was a Spaniard, Álex Crivillé, who took over when Doohan retired. The noi de Seva wrote a golden page of the Spanish and International Motorcycling when he became 500cc World Champion in 1999. With his pass to MotoGP, Valentino Rossi showed again the strength of the Repsol Honda Team by achieving 20 wins and 2 World Championship titles, followed by the one achieved by Nicky Hayden en 2006.

The same year was also the debut of Dani Pedrosa who, currently together with Andrea Dovizioso and Casey Stoner, is part of the most powerful line-up of this year’s World Championship and sets the reference of the Continental Circus.

With today’s victory, the Repsol Honda Team has won ten of the fourteen rounds already held this season, thus following the victorious path the Spanish company and the Japanese constructor started by mid 90’s. This is the story of a solid and strong alliance that allowed the Repsol Honda Team to become the team with more victories in the World Championship, no less than 100.

The 100 MotoGP (500cc, 990cc, 800cc) Wins of Repsol Honda

YearDisplacementRiderGrand Prix

1995500ccMick DoohanAustraliaEastern creek
1995500ccMick DoohanMalaysiaShah Alam
1995500ccMick DoohanItalyMugello
1995500ccMick DoohanHollandAssen
1995500ccMick DoohanFranceLe Mans
1995500ccMick DoohanEnglandDonington Park
1995500ccMick DoohanArgentinaBuenos Aires
1995500ccÁlex CrivilléEuropeCatalunya
1996500ccMick DoohanIndonesiaSentul
1996500ccMick DoohanSpainJerez
1996500ccMick DoohanItalyMugello
1996500ccMick DoohanFrancePaul Ricard
1996500ccMick DoohanHollandAssen
1996500ccMick DoohanEnglandDonington Park
1996500ccÁlex CrivilléAustriaA1-Ring
1996500ccÁlex CrivilléCzech RepublicBrno
1996500ccMick DoohanImolaImola
1996500ccMick DoohanRioJacarepagua
1997500ccMick DoohanMalaysiaShah Alam
1997500ccMick DoohanJapanSuzuka
1997500ccÁlex CrivilléSpainJerez
1997500ccMick DoohanItalyMugello
1997500ccMick DoohanAustriaA1-Ring
1997500ccMick DoohanFrancePaul Ricard
1997500ccMick DoohanHollandAssen
1997500ccMick DoohanImolaImola
1997500ccMick DoohanGermanyNürburgring
1997500ccMick DoohanRioJacarepagua
1997500ccMick DoohanEnglandDonington Park
1997500ccMick DoohanCzech RepublicBrno
1997500ccMick DoohanCatalunyaCatalunya
1997500ccTadayuki OkadaIndonesiaSendul
1997500ccÁlex CrivilléAustraliaPhillip Island
1998500ccMick DoohanMalaysiaJohor
1998500ccÁlex CrivilléSpainJerez
1998500ccMick DoohanItalyMugello
1998500ccÁlex CrivilléFrancePaul Ricard
1998500ccMick DoohanHollandAssen
1998500ccMick DoohanGermanySachsenring
1998500ccMick DoohanImolaImola
1998500ccMick DoohanCatalunyaCatalunya
1998500ccMick DoohanAustraliaPhillip Island
1998500ccMick DoohanArgentinaBuenos Aires
1999500ccÁlex CrivilléSpainJerez
1999500ccÁlex CrivilléFrancePaul Ricard
1999500ccÁlex CrivilléItalyMugello
1999500ccÁlex CrivilléCatalunyaCatalunya
1999500ccTadayuki OkadaHollandAssen
1999500ccÁlex CrivilléEnglandDonington Park
1999500ccTadayuki OkadaCzech RepublicBrno
1999500ccÁlex CrivilléImolaImola
1999500ccTadayuki OkadaAustraliaPhillip Island
2000500ccÁlex CrivilléFranceLe Mans
2002990ccValentino RossiJapanSuzuka
2002990ccTohru UkawaSouth AfricaWelcom
2002990ccValentino RossiSpainJerez
2002990ccValentino RossiFranceLe Mans
2002990ccValentino RossiItalyMugello
2002990ccValentino RossiCatalunyaCatalunya
2002990ccValentino RossiHollandAssen
2002990ccValentino RossiEnglandDonington Park
2002990ccValentino RossiGermanySachsenring
2002990ccValentino RossiPortugalEstoril
2002990ccValentino RossiRioJacarepagua
2003990ccValentino RossiAustraliaPhillip Island
2003990ccValentino RossiJapanSuzuka
2003990ccValentino RossiSpainJerez
2003990ccValentino RossiItalyMugello
2003990ccValentino RossiCzech RepublicBrno
2003990ccValentino RossiPortugalEstoril
2003990ccValentino RossiRioJacarepagua
2003990ccValentino RossiMalaysiaSepang
2003990ccValentino RossiAustraliaPhillip Island
2003990ccValentino RossiValenciaValencia
2005990ccNicky HaydenUnited StatesLaguna Seca
2006990ccDani PedrosaChinaShanghai
2006990ccNicky HaydenHollandAssen
2006990ccDani PedrosaEnglandDonington Park
2006990ccNicky HaydenUnited StatesLaguna Seca
2007800ccDani PedrosaGermanySachsenring
2007800ccDani PedrosaValenciaValencia
2008800ccDani PedrosaSpainJerez
2008800ccDani PedrosaCatalunyaCatalunya
2009800ccDani PedrosaUnited StatesLaguna Seca
2009800ccAndrea DoviziosoEnglandDonington Park
2009800ccDani PedrosaValenciaValencia
2010800ccDani PedrosaItalyMugello
2010800ccDani PedrosaGermanySachsenring
2010800ccDani PedrosaIndianapolisIndianápolis
2010800ccDani PedrosaSan MarinoMisano
2011800ccCasey StonerQatarLosail
2011800ccDani PedrosaPortugalEstoril
2011800ccCasey StonerFranceLe Mans
2011800ccCasey StonerCatalunyaCatalunya
2011800ccCasey StonerGreat BritainSilverstone
2011800ccDani PedrosaGermanySachsenring
2011800ccCasey StonerUnited StatesLaguna Seca
2011800ccCasey StonerCzech RepublicBrno
2011800ccCasey StonerIndianapolisIndianápolis