Motegi MotoGP: Japan Gets Green Light

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2011 Japan MotoGP

After much controversy regarding the current state of Japan following the March 11 Earthquake and subsequent Tsunami that devastated the country, the FIM confirmed Monday that the Motegi MotoGP will go on as planned Oct. 2.

This statement arrived after the results returned from an independent study commissioned by the FIM and Dorna Sports SL, the governing body of MotoGP. The study was conducted to investigate the current status of Japan, including radiation levels, to ensure utmost safety for MotoGP participants.

The FIM reports "Based on this information the FIM and Dorna Sports will announce later this week that, subject to there being no further serious incidents, the Grand Prix of Japan will take place on October 2 as planned."

The study, which will be released this week, reports specifically on the situation in Motegi and its environs, making it "much more relevant to MotoGP participants." ARPA, the agency commissioned for this report, has measured levels of radiation from all sources including the air, environment and food.

The final conclusion of the study is that "based on the estimate dose it can be said with no doubt that the radiation risk during the race event is negligible."


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