VP Racing Fuels: 4-Stroke Motorcycle VPR Fuel

High Performance Fuel

VP Racing Fuels introduced its latest fuel for 4-stroke powersports applications, "VPR", the company announced on Tuesday.

Jim Kelly (VP’s Corporate Director of Sales & Marketing) says: "VPR bridges the gap between pump gas and race fuel-easier on the wallet while providing increased performance! "The ‘R’ is a nod to ‘riders’ of motorcycles and quads, but the reality is this product will pick up performance in off-road vehicles of all types.

"While VP makes power in all forms of racing engines, we’re aware that professional grade race fuel is not necessarily required or economically practical for budget-conscious competitors with stock 4-stroke bikes, quads, UTVs, SXSs and other off-road vehicles.

"The dilemma is that while the equipment is getting better, street gas is getting worse. Street gas is a commodity not necessarily made to the highest or consistent standards that VP’s products are."

"Diluting race fuel with less expensive street gas takes a lot of time and effort, and is still subject to the shortcomings of street gas. Street gas doesn’t necessarily give riders the octane they need, tuning involves constant guesswork due to its inconsistency and they’re frustrated with the problems ethanol causes. Until now, race fuel has been perceived as too expensive for the performance gains enthusiasts want when they start their ride."

"New VPR is designed as a direct pour-in replacement for premium pump gas, to which riders have been forced to add octane boosters or race fuel to bump up its octane and performance. VPR offers 1-2% more power and better throttle response with the increased consistency and long-term savings customers have been looking for.

"It’s competitively priced, fitting in between premium pump gas and race fuel. We have other race fuels that make more power but they also cost more, so VPR offers a good compromise for economical performance."

Compared with more expensive performance parts that increase power along only a small slice of the power curve, VPR increases power throughout the rpm range. Riders can also be confident in VPR’s consistency pail after pail, regardless of where or when it’s purchased.

Jim Kelly says: "Besides improving performance, VPR protects your investment. VPR vaporizes better, thus burns cleaner and more efficiently. It will extend the life of your engine, increase the time between rebuilds and lower your long-term costs. It also won’t cause corrosion problems in EFI or carbureted fuel systems."

While VPR is leaded and oxygenated, it will be followed in the coming weeks according to Kelly by another new fuel, christened "T4" and designed by VP with the same objectives in mind but which will be unleaded.

Jim Kelly says: "The two blends will provide complementary options offering the economical performance riders have been looking for."

VPR and T4 have both been designed by VP’s own in-house "Mad Scientist," Steve Burns, who throughout VP’s history has engineered the fuels that put VP on top of every podium in AMA Road Racing, Supercross, Motocross, NHRA Drag Racing and the many other forms of racing in which it has achieved dominance.

Like all of VP’s race fuels, VPR and T4 are only legal for use in a competition vehicle not used on public highways. The fuels may not be used for recreational offroading or other non-competition uses.

More information is available online at vpracingfuels.com.


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