Harley-Davidson: LePera Maverick Seat

Harley Aftermarket Seats

LePera’s "Maverick" saddle has become the touring seat of choice for motorcycle enthusiast worldwide.

Perfectly sculptured for both form and function this serious rider’s seat never overwhelms the lines of the bike like so many touring seats on the aftermarket Harley-Davidson market.

You will find the Maverick’s clean lines and deep sculpted bucket create just the right amount of back support while retaining the classic lines. Many riders have asked for a built in backrest; only to find the Maverick was all they needed.

Another great feature for the Harley-Davidson driver is the tapered thigh area for stop and go comfort. The Maverick is now available in smooth (no stitch) or the standard Maverick stitch.

Contact your local dealer or catch the full line up and details at lepera.com.