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A year ago, MV Agusta received a "flattering" response when its motorcycles were featured in the "Eicma China Motorcycle Show" in Beijing.

Throughout the three-day show, many Chinese participants inquired about purchasing the two exotic machines on display: the F4, MV Agusta's flagship sportbike, or the Brutale, a street fighter that screams Italian design.

Immediately after the 2010 Eicma China, MV Agusta began evaluting the Chinese motorcycle market, and seeking potential partners.

And at this year's Eicma China Motorcycle Show, which took place last week, MV Agusta and Lifan Industry Co. Ltd. "signed a letter of intent and announced that the Chinese Group will become the distributor for the historic Italian manufacturer in this very important Asiatic market."

MV Agusta says: "China, in terms of development potential, represents the most dynamic and interesting marketplace for motorcycles. It is currently in expansion with a very strong outlook for the next 5 years, especially the high-end segment of the motorcycle market."

Lifan will begin distributing MV Agusta motorcycles by year's end through a network of "high-end dealers." By the end of 2013, Lifan plans to have MV Agusta in showrooms throughout all principal Chinese cities.

Umberto Uccelli (Commerical Director of MV Agusta) says: "Distributing the MV models through a prestigious society like Lifan ensures that we will enter into this very important market with a very strong commercial partner at our side, respecting the Chinese culture, mentality and laws" stated Umberto Uccelli, the Commercial Director of MV Agusta.

MV Agusta has a rich history, beginning during the post World War II reconstruction period in 1945. Due to the finance struggles of time, two brothers from Cascina Costa, Italy, near Milan, who owned an aviation company (Agusta) decided to build cheap transportation .

The brothers involved were Count Vincenzo Agusta and his brother Domenico, (MV stands for Meccanica Verghera, Mechanic and town of Verghera in Italy). The company would soon enter the world of motorcycle racing, and by 1980, MV Agusta would have 75 World Titles (38 riders championships and 37 constructors championships). The company's success was built upon racing.

But due to the death of Count Domenico in 1971, the company lost its guiding force, and ceased production in 1980. The Italian motorcycle company Cagiva bought the MV Agusta name in 1991, and by 1997 the new MV Agusta models were released, the legendary F4 Serie Oro, which featured a 750cc inline four.

But finance problems would continually drag the company down. In 2004, the Malaysian car producer Proton bought MVA, selling it to a Genoa-based finance company Givi SpA the following year, which brought the company back to Italy.

Harley took its turn in 2008, but under financial distress, H-D decided to divest its interest in both MVA and Buell, its other subsidiary. Buell was terminated in October of 2009, Harley saying they needed to focus more on their core brand.

In August 2010, Harley then sold MVA to Claudio Castiglioni and his owned holding company based in Italy, MV Agusta Motor Holding, S.r.l.


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