Chicken Hawk Racing Knee Sliders

Motorcycle Knee Sliders

Chicken Hawk Racing's knee sliders are the choice of many top professional and privateer roadracers. Crafted from a proprietary blend of high-tech plastic, they offer better track feel and superior wear resistance than common, polyurethane pucks.

Shaped for an easy fit, Chicken Hawk Racing sliders are more curved than most others, conforming perfectly to leather suits' knee contours.

Once in place, these super-thick, apex-strafing pucks attach with large leather patches backed by tenacious Velcro material. They come in two compounds sure to satiate every rider's personal knee-slider preferences: Long-lasting, 9-ounce pucks for greater wear resistance are available in black or white; another top-secret compound, which generates even more feel, comes in a 6.5-ounce version and is available only in black.

Professionally proven by top-level AMA Pro roadracing teams for 16 years, Chicken Hawk Racing tire warmers and other products are currently used by most every top-level roadracer and race team in America.

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Chicken Hawk Racing Knee Sliders
Retail Prices:
$25/pair/more feel
$30/pair/longer lasting


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