Sarah Palin: The ‘Motorcycle Mama’


Motorcycles & Politics

The former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, made a contreversial motorcycle trek this Sunday when she appeared at the annual Rolling Thunder event in Washington, D.C. Once the reports began, the motorcycle journey earned Palin the nickname “Motorcycle Mama.”

Palin was observed at the rally on the back of her daughter’s Harley-Davidson, donning a black-leather jacket. At one point in the rally, she told the press that “I just love the smell of emissions.”

Although Sarah Palin reported to be at the motorcycle event that honors fallen soldiers, many political analysts are calling the trip a political stunt. The Memorial Day Weekend event, which featured around 100,000 motorcyclists, was supposedly the beginning of Palin’s “One Nation” political campaign tour that continues up the East Coast to New Hampshire to where the first presidential primary of 2012 will be held.

Palin hasn’t officially announced her presidential candidacy, but said that she’s contemplating running for president in 2012.

Besides startling the political news analysts, Rolling Thunder’s director, Ted Shpak, also reported he was not happy with Palin’s appearance at the motorcycle rally to honor fallen military men.

And to make things even more controversial to the political analyst, while Palin was roaring around on her daughter’s Harley, President Barack Obama was in Joplin, Mo., in support of the lands that were ravished by the recent tornadoes.

This is going to be a talker, especially for politically-active motorcyclists.