2011 Ducati Diavel TV Commercial (Video)

2011-ducati-diavel-tv-commercial-video (1)2011 Ducati Diavel

When it comes to motorcycle appeal, Ducati is all about real-life emotions. This commercial for the 2011 Ducati Diavel shows the “magic” created by the Ducati Creative Center, which created the less-than-a-minute flick to “communicate” the Italian machine to the public.

Ducati says: “The aim of the Diavel commercial was to communicate the idea of authentic sensations expressed by real-life faces in everyday situations, all in just a few seconds.

“So, together with American director Bo Platt, three actors were chosen for their ability to communicate feelings in an evocative way. Above all, the most important emotion to be expressed was amazement.

“The director reproduced on film the innocent amazement of a child, the artful amazement of a girl and finally the enthralled amazement of a man.

“Amazement and admiration are emotions that the Diavel can inspire in whoever is lucky enough to come across the bike in their everyday lives: at the bar, on the way to work or going home from school.”

Built to have a commanding presence, though lightweight and agile like all Ducati motorcycles, the Diavel is for connoisseurs of technology and power; ABS, Ducati Traction Control and Riding Modes deliver 162 hp and 207 kg (456 lbs.) of authentic Ducati performance.

Reminiscent of how the Monster was named almost 20 years ago, the Diavel, which is Bolognese dialect for “Devil, hopes to follow the same Bologna tradition of shaping the future of motorcycling while staying faithful to its heritage.