S&S Assists Owners of Big Dog Motorcycles

Big Dog Shut Down News

After Big Dog Motorcycles closed the doors on its production shop earlier this month due to the dire economy, an influx of questions arrived from existing BDM owners regarding services and warranties.

Now S&S has answered. The engine company that powered the BDM motorcycles of Wichita, Kan., says it will “honor the warranty on any S&S engine that was supplied in a Big Dog for as long as the original vehicle warranty would have lasted,” and “S&S can supply replacement parts for your stock emissions compliant engine.”

Regarding the latter, this means the S&S engines in Big Dog Motorcycles can be repaired at any S&S dealer or by the S&S Re-manufacturing Service, with assurance the motor will still be street legal and not violate emissions laws.

S&S also says it can offer performance upgrades for the BDM V117 engine, which can be installed by an S&S dealer or its Re-manufacturing service.

When it comes to warranty support, S&S is also offering a special engine warranty to all owners of Big Dog motorcycles that were still covered by the factory warranty.

George Smith (S&S President) says: “I’m certainly sad to see a good customer like BDM close their doors, but I feel that we need to shoulder the responsibility, and make sure the end customer gets a square deal. I suppose we could just look the other way, but I won’t do that. After all, these are S&S engines. We built them and we’re going to stand behind them!”

BDM of Wichita, Kan., manufactured popular V-Twin models such as the Pitbull, Bulldog Mastiff and the K-9, among others.

Big Dog Motorcycles opened its doors in 1994, and has built about 25,000 motorcycles to date. Every chopper built uses a 117 CI V-Twin with a six-speed transmission. The bikes are sold through 100 distributors throughout the Unite States.

The company’s owner, Sheldon Coleman, reportedly has plans to build and sell parts for bikes built by BDM.

This will be the second major American custom chopper manufacturer to shut down. In October, 2010, the famed West Coast Choppers owned by Jesse James closed its doors in Long Beach, Calif.