Knox Dry Inside: Base Layers for Motorcyclists


Motorcycle Under Garments

Warmer weather is a welcome relief from the chill of winter, but for those enjoying outdoor activities like motorcycling – commuting or during leisure time – an increase in temperature can result in overheating, perspiration and discomfort.

Often overlooked in milder conditions, a technical base layer can help regulate and stabilise body temperature, but can themselves feel uncomfortable and unnatural.

Knox Dry Inside cotton-tech base layers combine the natural comfort of cotton with the wicking and water resistant properties of “technical” fabrics, to help keep the wearer cool, dry and comfortable.

Made from 95-percent natural cotton and 5-percent Lycra Dry Inside tops and pants offer a comfortable and flexible layer between the skin and outer garments, and unlike any other cotton base layers, are treated with 3XDRY – an innovative finish to help keep the wearer dry and regulate temperature.

The invisible 3XDRY layer absorbs perspiration from the inside of the garment and transports it to the outside where it evaporates, stimulating a natural cooling effect. In addition, it also repels water, preventing rain coming into contact with the skin and cooling the wearer.

All Knox Dry Inside garments are machine washable, and no re-proofing is required; to re-activate the 3XDRY, simply iron inside out.

The Knox Dry Inside range includes long and short sleeve tops and matching long and short pants.

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