Harley Wisconsin License Plates


Harley-Davidson License Plates

Harley-Davidson Motor Company is partnering with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation to offer the first-ever Harley-Davidson branded automotive license plate to motorists in Wisconsin.

This plate will be available for automobiles, light trucks and motor homes. The Harley-Davidson/Share the Road plate officially launched on Wednesday, April 13.

The cost of the plates will include any regular registration fees that apply along with a $15 issuance fee and an annual $25 donation. The annual donation will help support safety initiatives throughout the state. The plates can also be personalized.

The new license plate is the first and only Harley-Davidson branded plate available anywhere in the United States, and is only being offered in Wisconsin – the birthplace of Harley-Davidson. Designed in collaboration with the Harley-Davidson Motor Company Styling Team, the words “Share the Road” are displayed to emphasize the importance of motorcycle safety.

For more information about the Harley-Davidson/Share the Road license plates, visit the Wisconsin Department of Transportation website.