Illusion: Motorcycle Sprocket Conversion Kit

Motorcycle Sprockets

Reduce your engines RPM at cruise speeds with this easily installed 27-tooth motorcycle sprocket conversion kit from Illusion.

The sprocket and chain swap alters the drive ratio to reduce running RPM on the top end and has proven to provide 8-percent higher cruising speeds without a 6-speed box. Just the ticket for big inch motors with plenty of torque. Each kit comes complete with application specific chain and 27 tooth motor sprocket.

Simple to install all you need is a primary gasket, quart of primary oil and about an hour of wrench time. The conversion fits easily inside the stock OEM primary chain case and replacement chains are available from Illusion. A

And get this, the complete kit sells for under $200.00! For complete details contact Illusion at 714-894-1942, email to ILLUSIONOC@GMAIL.COM or visit them on the Web at Dealer inquiries welcome.illusion-motorcycle-sprocket-conversion-kit 2


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