Motorcycle Tire Warmers: How They Work

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Motorcycle Tech Video

Go to any type of motorcycle road-racing event, and you’re sure to see them on every rider’s bike before the action gets underway: tire warmers.

It’s easy to understand that motorcycle tire warmers get the rubber hot for immediate traction, but there’s much more to the speak of regarding how they work.

In this YouTube video from Michael Jordan Motorsports, David Podolsky, founder of Chicken Hawk Racing, talks about warmers, how they work and why all the top teams use them.

Podolsky goes through the tech of motorcycle tire warmers at Daytona International Speedway before the 2011 AMA Superbike races began. He is in the paddock of the 2011 Jordan Suzuki team of Ben Bostrom (23) and Roger Lee Hayden (54).