2011 Yamaha FZ8: Two Brothers VALE Exhaust


Yamaha FZ8 Exhaust

Two Brothers Racing unleashes yet another top level performance exhaust system, this time for Yamaha’s all-new 2011 FZ8.

The sporty and aggressive Yamaha FZ8 comes alive with the addition of Two Brothers Racing’s M2 Slip-on Exhaust System.

TBR’s updated system compliments the FZ8’s naked styling while cutting more excess weight and improving performance. The TBR engineers designed over a +3 horsepower gain and more torque into their FZ8 exhaust system.

Joel Albrecht (Director of R&D) says: “We’re extremely proud of our new FZ8 system. From the incredible throttle response to the great mid-range torque, our new system pushes the FZ8 towards the sport-bike category while keeping the easy-to-use power curve beginner riders appreciate.”

On top of the impressive power advantage the system delivers, TBR R&D also reports a weight savings of over 8 pounds-a true testament to the top-quality materials and made-in-the-USA craftsmanship Two Brothers Racing is known for. The ’11 FZ8 system is built on TBR’s proven M-2 canister platform and features their exclusive V.A.L.E attachment system for a secure, clean fit. It’s available in Aluminum, Titanium or Filament Wound Carbon Fiber construction.

An industry first also allows you to use TBR’s custom shop and take to the podium with style by adding your own flare with color component options and custom badge design.

Check it out at twobros.com, call the pros at 800.211.2767 or at your local dealer.

Yamaha FZ8 V.A.L.E. High Performance Exhaust Systems

  • 005-3050406V / V.A.L.E. Slip-on System with M2 Aluminum Canister: $419.98
  • 005-3050407V / V.A.L.E. Slip-on System with M2 Carbon Fiber Canister: $519.98
  • 005-3050408V/ V.A.L.E. Slip-on System with M2 Titanium Canister: $519.98
  • 005-3050406V-B / Black Series V.A.L.E. Slip-on System with M2 Aluminum Canister: $459.98
  • 005-3050407V-B / Black Series V.A.L.E. Slip-on System with M2 Carbon Fiber Canister: $559.98
  • 005-3050408V-B / Black Series V.A.L.E. Slip-on System with M2 Titanium Canister :$559.98

2011 Yamaha FZ8 Two Brothers V.A.L.E. Features:

  • These new M2 exhaust systems feature:
  • Aluminum, Titanium, and High-temp carbon fiber canister sleeves.
  • Billet aluminum gold anodized inlets & outlets.
  • Teflon coated M-2 magnesium end caps.
  • Complete mounting hardware.
  • Replaceable high temperature packing material.
  • CNC machined & threaded inlet & outlet for easy repack.
  • Easy to follow step-by-step photo instructions.
  • Made, tested & assembled in Santa Ana, CA USA

Closed Course Competition use only. Not intended for street use