Japan Quake Relief: Harley Donates 250K

Japan Earthquake

The 2011 Japan Earthquake and subsequent tsunami continues to have a major affect on the motorcycle industry, and the most iconic American brand is reaching out.

This week, Harley-Davidson has donated $250,000 to help with earthquake relief efforts. The contribution, which came from the Harley-Davidson Foundation, went to the American Red Cross, which is aiding Japan.

Gail Lione (Harley-Davidson Foundation President) says: "Our hearts go out to all the people in Japan who have been impacted by these tragic events. It is important to all of us at Harley-Davidson to support the relief efforts and help the country through this devastating time."

Harely's Japan subsidiary has also established a relief fund, and aiding the devastated country by sending food, water and other necessities.

Harley posted the link to the Red Cross on its websites, which makes it easier for employees, customers and other interested in making donations.