Valentino Rossi: Bridgestone Tire Adviser

Rossi VR46 News

Last month, MotoGP star Valentino Rossi signed a "marketing service agreement" with Bridgestone Europe, making the nine-time World Champion a motorcycle tire development adviser.

Under this agreement, Rossi, who is solely involved by himself without sponsors or the Ducati MotoGP team, and Bridgestone Tires "will work together to promote the passion of motorcycling to end users and enthusiasts throughout Europe."

As Bridgestone Tire adviser, Rossi will evaulute the performance of motorcycles tires across many riding styles, including racing, sport touring and sport bike riding. Bridgestone will take the Doctor’s input, and improve on its road and racing tires’ performance and safety measures.

Takashi Tomioka (SVP Sales & Marketing, Bridgestone Europe) says: "Valentino Rossi is a great ambassador for our company. By having advice and recommendations of the greatest motorcycle competitor of all time, we will ensure that we bring the best new Battlax tyres to the market".

When Brigestone entered MotoGP in 2002, and the following year riders using the tires had some podium results. Then in 2004, MotoGP riders using Bridgestone tires took two victories.

Valentino Rossi then took the 2007 MotoGP Championship using Bridgestone Tires on his Fiat Yamaha M1. Then in 2009, Bridgestone became the spec tire for the MotoGP Championship.


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