Motus MST-01 | V4 Dyno Run

Motus Motorcycles

Alabama-based Motus has been busy developing the first V4-powered American sport touring motorcycle. MST series motorcycles, including the MST-01 and premium MST-R, are new sport touring motorcycles engineered for rider and passenger comfort, extended motorcycle journeys, and responsive handling.

Motus Motorcycles worked with Katech Engines to develop the world’s first liquid-cooled direct-injected V4 engine. Named the KMV4, the engine is an advanced, high performance powertrain designed specifically for Motus MST motorcycles, that is naturally aspirated with a turbo version to follow.

Now undergoing extensive durability testing, the KMV4 is also the first American V4 ever built for a production vehicle, actually a scaled down version of the Small Block Corvette Chevy V8, simply cut in half.

Motus partnered with Pratt & Miller Engineering, who has won numerous races in the American Le Mans, Rolex Grand-Am, NASCAR, 24 hours of Le Mans series, for development and manufacturing of their new motorcycle chassis.

Back in 2009, Brian Case, VP and Design Director of Motus Motorcycles said, "with their vast experience developing high performance, lightweight vehicles, we quickly identified Pratt & Miller as the perfect partner to engineer our lightweight, high-performance motorcycle."

The Motus MST series motorcycles incorporates many of Pratt & Miller’s technologies such as a balanced and optimized 4130 chromoly space frame and lightweight carbon composite bodywork.

A combination of computer aided engineering tools such as CAD, finite element analysis, and multi-body simulation have been implemented throughout the motorcycle design process.

Motus intends to compete with European and Japanese motorcycle manufacturers currently dominating the popular sport touring segment. Sport tourers blend the two largest motorcycle segments, sport bikes and tourers, by combining comfort and performance.

Inc. Magazine named Motus a "breakout" company back in May of 2010. Click on this video to see and hear the latest of dyno test.

2011 Motus MST-01 | Motorcycle Specs

  • Engine type: 1645cc (100ci) liquid-cooled 90º V4; dual OHV; pushrod; chain-driven single cam; hydraulic lifters
  • Bore x Stroke: 86.5mm (3.41in) x 70.0mm (2.75in)
  • Compression: 11.5:1
  • Valves: Intake Ø44.5mm (1.75in); Exhaust Ø36.8mm (1.45in); stainless steel
  • Dimensions: 610mm (24in) L x 492mm (19in) W x 508mm (20in) H
  • Performance: Minimum 140bhp @ 7800rpm; 162Nm (120lb-ft) @ 4500rpm; 8000rpm redline
  • Materials: 356-T6 cast aluminum block and heads; forged steel crank, cam, rods; forged aluminum pistons; linerless Nikasil bore
  • Firing order: 1 – 4 – 3 – 2
  • Ignition Sequence: TDC – 345º – 435º – 630º
  • Crankpin Offset: 75º
  • Minimum Octane: 87
  • Transmission: Motus 6-speed sequential gearbox; unit construction; wet multiplate clutch
  • Chassis: Chromoly tubular trellis spaceframe; engine as stressed member
  • Front suspension: 43mm inverted telescopic forks, fully adjustable; 120mm travel
  • Rear suspension: Twin spar chromoly swingarm; fully adjustable pushrod monoshock with remote preload adjustment; 120mm travel
  • Brakes: Dual 320mm floating discs; dual 4-piston monoblock radial calipers; single 2-piston rear caliper
  • Wheels: 17in x 3.5in front; 17in x 6in rear; aluminum; Michelin Road Pilot 2CT tires
  • Bodywork: Composite
  • Dimensions: Overall length 2130mm ( 84in); Wheelbase 1473mm (58in); Seat height 787mm (31in); Rake 26º; Trail 108mm (4.25in); Dry weight 227kg (500lbs) (est.); Fuel capacity 22.7L (6 u.s. gallons)
  • Production date: 2011