Daytona 200: Fast by Ferracci is Cooking

2011 Daytona 200

Back in the old days, you could smell the fresh paste cooking in the AMA Superbike pits… and when the 2011 AMA Pro Road Racing series kicks-off in Daytona Beach on March 12, 2011, Fast By Ferracci will once again be cooking up a Ducati motorcycle.

The team, whose primary rider is New York racer P.J. Jacobson, has been putting the final touches on a significantly enhanced racing program for the 2011 racing season. Jacobson will be riding the potent Ducati 848 and concentrating on winning the Daytona Sportbike class.

"Things are coming together nicely – we are in those last final days when it is crunch time, and you have to put in some late nights" says Barry Gilsenan, the AMA SportBike team owner. "Ferracci is finishing up the bikes, our brand new team hauler has just been wrapped and will be pulling out today. We can’t wait to get things going!"

In order to prepare for the Daytona 200, and in addition to the extensive hours on the Dyno that Ferracci is known for, the team has been practicing Ducati 848 pit stops. The crew even built a small replica of the Daytona 200 pit lane wall, and in order to simulate the challenges that such a long race presents.

Eraldo Ferracci (Ducati 848 SportBike) says: "With PJ, I feel that we have a good shot at doing very well, and maybe, you know, we can finally beat that Daytona curse that has always plagued Ducati.

"The bikes are very good, and with our top lap times at the Daytona tire test, we are feeling very good about our chances" comments Fast by Ferracci technical director. "Also, you know, this kid PJ is a little under the radar, I think we are gonna surprise a few people".

The Ducati team’s final preparations will come together when they stop at the Jennings facility on their way south, and for one final shakedown test.

Tune-in and watch the live race broadcast on Speed TV, Saturday March 12 at 1:00 EST, to watch the Daytona 200… live.