Moto2: Marquez Crashes at Jerez

Moto2 Test Crash

Rookie rider Marc Marquez’s 2011 Moto2 preseason motorcycle tests are nearly over after a minor crash at the Jerez Circuit. The damages to his freshly painted Repsol motorcycle forced him to stay in the garage for the rest of the session.

If yesterday it was the weather what prevented the Repsol rider from continuing with his positive adaptation to the Moto2 class; today it was a motorcycle crash, after doing 20 laps on the Honda powered Suter machine, that did not allow him to keep running.

The young Spanish rider took the track at about 11:30 and he was cautious because the asphalt had not dried completely after yesterday’s rain. Despite the clouds, the high wind dried the last puddles, although the temperature remained at 17ºC and the track was about 20ºC.

Under these conditions, the Repsol rider completed about twenty laps – with a fastest time of 1 minute, 44 seconds and three tenths -, when a crash prevented him from running again.

Márquez touched with another rider when braking before the last lap of the Andalusian track and the damages on his bike forced him to remain out of the track.

Emilio Alzamora’s pupil did not get hurt, but he will have to wait until tomorrow to keep testing his Moto2 and finish this intense preseason. After these tests, the Repsol rider will arrive at Qatar in two weeks, ready to start a World Championship in a completely different class.

Marc Marquez (1’44.348 s, 20 laps, 89 km) says: "I am fine. I fell in the area just before the entrance to the last corner of the track when I touched with another rider. The bike suffered some damages, but luckily it was just a scare.

"We had done 20 laps and I was feeling comfortable with the bike, despite the high wind. We had not test anything special up to that moment and everything was working well. I hope we are able to progress a little more tomorrow".

2011 Jerez Moto2 Official Test Results

1. Simone Corsi (FTR) 1:43.046
2. Stefan Bradl (Kalex) 1:43.069
3. Thomas Luthi (Suter) 1:43.693
4. Yuki Takahashi (Moriwaki) 1:43.945
5. Julián Simón (Suter) 1:43.989
11. Marc Marquez (Suter) 1:44.348