MotoQuest Isle of Man Tour: Save $1450

2011 Motorcycle Touring

Due to unexpected cancellations this late in the game, MotoQuest is offering the 2011 Isle of Man and Wales Tour for the following discounted prices:

Rider sharing twin room *: US$ 5,500
Rider with own room *: US$ 6,800
Couples *: US$ 8,660
Camping On the Isle of Man (Church Hall)*: US$ 5,000
* Includes basic bike rental

This is a savings of $1,450 per rider on the Isle of Man and Wales Tour, which is schedule for March 27 through June 6. This tour is limited to six riders.

Keep in mind that MotoQuest accommodations on the Isle of Man TT event have been booked for almost a year in advance; ferry tickets to the Isle of Man TT event have been booked up for almost a year.

MotoQuest has these reservations in place! If you ever wanted to be a part of motorcycle history, then now is your chance. Click here for additional information.

Deadline to Book: March 27th


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