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Sunday Morning Rides, a provider of print and online maps for the international motorcycling community, has announced the launch of their new web portal, (DMR), using Google maps.

The new motorcycle maps website was designed to showcase and expose the beauty inherent to motorcycling destinations and inspire riders and non-riders alike to get out and explore the open road.

Unlike traditional GPS mapping sites, DMR utilizes a customized Google Street View interface to allow enthusiasts to interactively traverse motorcycle routes, providing a first-person experience that is difficult to convey from a map oriented tool.

"With (DMR) we not only simplify the route mapping experience, we provide an online escape to some of the greatest riding destinations in the world," said Steven Peltier, co-founder and President of Sunday Morning Rides. Each day enthusiasts will be treated to a new featured-route, hand-selected for its scenic qualities.

"Our goal is to provide a brief respite from the stresses of the average day. We want to remind folks why we ride and inspire them to get back out on the bike."

Detailed information, GPS file downloads and user testimonials for each Google Maps route many also be provided.

"We see the new site as a perfect complement to our more comprehensive mapping resource. Sometimes, you just want to cut through the statistics and details and simply enjoy the view. (DMR) is ideal for that type of casual use."

Visit them at:


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