2011 TTXGP: CRP Racing Gains Partners

Electric Motorcycle Racing

Everything is ready for the 2011 electric motorcycle racing season, as well as new partnerships for CRP Racing within the alternative energy industry.

After the great success of last season with the eCRP 1.2, CRP Racing's Official Team will come back on track with eCRP 1.4.

Rider Alessandro Brannetti will be returning to pilot the new motorcycle. Having won the European title at Brands Hatch and got the Vice World Champion title at Albacete, will allow the entire team to return with the aim of setting up a great show for the 2011 season.

In addition CRP Racing is joining with new partners in the photovoltaic industry. The eCRP will be used to highlight the possibility of both zero emissions at the exhaust, as well as a zero emissions source for power.

The choice to become official sponsor 2011, by a group such as REC (recgroup.com ) is very prestigious for the Italian team. The Norwegian company, which has offices worldwide, is among the world's largest producers of polysilicon and wafers for solar applications.

With this initiative, REC intends to reaffirm its commitment to pursue the path of research and development through collaborations with the world of motor racing, the best means to bring the passion for the sport of respect for the environment.

The CRP Racing team is also pleased to announce a partnership with Idea FV (ideafv.it ). 
Idea FV manufactures "turnkey" photovoltaic systems of absolute quality, providing excellent performance, durability and safety.

Idea FV addresses its services to market by investing in first person and by institutional investors, seeking areas of at least 2,000 square meters and ground of at least 2 acres.

The eCRP, the electric racing motorcycle of CRP Racing, is becoming a significant means by which the passion for sport on two wheels, and respect for the environment are joined together to carry a message of a sustainable future.

Moving forward with "alternative energy" and the aim to achieve ever more efficient vehicles to ensure high efficiency at low power consumption makes the eCRP an example of both the science of today and tomorrow.

CRP Racing will also be joined in the 2011 season by: Norway (norway-italia.it) Motorex (motorexitalia.it) Magni (magnitalia.com) EmilTecno (emiltecno.it), Domino (domino-group.com), TTM (trattamentitermicimetalli.com), Braking (braking.com) and Kelly Controller (kellycontroller.com).


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