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The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) provides useful services for the motorcycle community with websites and publications for all aspects of street and off-highway riding.

The not-for-profit organization that promotes motorcycling also produces motorcycle riding guides available as free downloads.

As a courtesy to our website visitors, we are offer this MSF booklet Tips and Practice Guide for the Off-Highway Motorcyclist as a free download.

The 47-page dirt bike (dual-sport, enduro, motocross) riding guide covers everything from how to find a place to ride, respecting nature, safety, what to bring, training exercises, reading terrain, maintenance and navigation (to name just a few).

As is their standard, this free download has a strong focus on motorcycle safety, making sure riders understand the laws and ensuring they acquire the proper riding gear before they head out onto the trails.

Geared more toward the new rider, the pdf booklet has useful tips on riding, various terrain, and maintenance. Even an advanced rider might be surprised just how much you can glean from this.

So, if you are about to become the owner of an off-road motorcycle, you can look forward to lots of fun and excitement. Your dirt bike is most likely designed for many types of off-highway conditions, but it's really only as capable as you are.

As your riding skills develop, you will be rewarded with an increased sense of pride and satisfaction; as your skills increase, so will your enjoyment.

Whether your interest is dual-purpose, enduro, motocross or just some trial riding, you should read this booklet thoroughly for tips that may be helpful in many kinds of motorcycle riding.

Click link to get your free download of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Tips and Practice Guide for the Off-Highway Motorcyclist.


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