Kevin Schwantz School: 2011 Schedule

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The legendary Kevin Schwantz had one goal in mind when he started the Schwantz School – create more confident and safer motorcycle riders.

Schwantz, a 1993 World Champion (500cc), doesn’t call the program a motorcycle racing school, but rather a schooling that takes place on "miles of asphalt without cars and other distractions."

The two-day motorcycle school is based out of the 2.38 Barber Motorsports Park in Alabama, but for 2011, it will also offer a classes at Road Atlanta and Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS was also on the 2010 Schwantz School schedule).

The prices for the Schwantz school will remain the same in 2011, including lunch both days and dinner the first night at $1999 with our Honda and Suzuki motorcycles or for those wishing to bring their own Honda or Suzuki, $1799.

Also, top of the line Dainese motorcycle leathers, boots and gloves along with Arai Schwantz Replica helmets are available for rent.

At the school, each class is divded into two groups, which allow for more personal attention by championship-winning instructors.

Kevin Schwantz says: "Both groups are taught the basics of visual skills and body positioning, which sounds elementary, but if you approach my two-day riding school with the right mindset for even the basic things that we teach, you’ll become a much better, more confident and safer rider."

"What makes me a world champion is performing the basics at near perfection. In other words, attending the Schwantz School with the right mindset, I guarantee you will learn a lot."

2011 Schwantz School Dates

  • March 19-20 Sat.-Sun. Barber Motorsports Park
  • May 14-15 Sat.-Sun. Barber Motorsports Park
  • May 27-29 Fri.-Sun. Road Atlanta 3-Day
  • June 27-28 Mon.-Tues. Barber Motorsports Park
  • August 20-21 Sat.-Sun. Indianapolis Motor Speedway
  • October 1-2 Sat.-Sun. Barber Motorsports Park

In 2010, Kevin Schwantz headed a Moto2 team with Roger Lee Hayden at the controls, but unfortunately a first-lap crash resulted in a DNF. Also in 2011, the Brand 34 (Schwantz’s number) apparel line was launched through VR46, the company that sells exclusive Valentino Rossi apparel and merch.


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