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The Aprilia Dorsoduro 1200, available in Europe in 2011 and hopefully the U.S. in 2012 has an all-new 1197cc liquid-cooled V-twin powerplant producing 130hp packed in a light and nimble chassis.

With its sleek forms, broad handlebars, superb attention to detail and European componentry, this new Aprilia motorcycle represents a serious challengers in the heavy-weight supermotard class.

The Dorsoduro 1200 makes little concession for anything not directly functional in achieving total performance or riding pleasure. The Aprilia body parts are cut down to the bare minimum; such as the all-new hand guards and the motard-style race number panel, which also offers some wind protection at higher speeds.

These elements complement the design of the Dorsoduro 1200 which also features two-tone paintwork of the frame, the tail fairing color-coded with the rest of the body elements and the new dual exhaust with black heat shields. The 15-liter (3.96 gallon) fuel tank is also integrated into the sleek forms of the Aprilia Dorsoduro 1200.

The Aprilia V90 is a completely new design optimized to deliver a maximum 130hp that is unleashed by the engine at 8700 rpm and a maximum torque of 115 Nm at 7,200 rpm. It is a modern, technologically advanced Piaggio unit with a highly over-square cylinder geometry for a markedly sporty temperament and smooth power delivery.

The latest generation injection system uses micro-nebuliser injectors. In conjunction with optimized fluid dynamics for ideal combustion, this provides for an engine that is not only powerful but also clean burning. Twin spark ignition also contributes to cleaner emissions, as well as ensuring totally smooth power delivery.

The Aprilia electronic throttle management system used in the Aprilia Dorsoduro 1200 offers more precise and sophisticated maps to ensure optimized engine management, keeping the engine in the perfect conditions to deliver maximum acceleration at all times for a riding experience.

With its triple maps (Rain, Touring and Sport), this Aprilia supermoto has three distinct personalities that the rider can choose from at any time to instantaneously suit different condition and preference. Simply close the throttle and press a button to choose the desired setting.

To further emphasize the performance of the new Aprilia engine, a new 2-into-1-into-2 exhaust system has been designed specifically for the bike. Made entirely from stainless steel, the generous internal volume of the system ensures a spine-tingling and distinctive sound.

The mixed frame design, constructed with a sturdy tubular steel trellis mated to lateral aluminum plates, is a product of Aprilia racing experience in the World Supermoto Championship and offers the right stiffness to deliver handling, under the power of the new 1200cc V90.

The 43mm Sachs upside-down fork with shell-cast caliper brackets features adjustable spring preload and hydraulic compression and rebound damping. In addition to permitting total adjustability, this set-up offers progressiveness and a full 160mm of wheel travel, perfect for keeping with the supermoto riding style.

The side-mounted Sachs gas shock absorber with separate canister is pivoted directly onto the swingarm in a cantilever configuration and features adjustable spring preload and hydraulic compression and rebound damping.

The Dorsoduro rear wheel stroke is 155mm, again in line with the supermoto philosophy that aims for an effective, controlled suspension but with a long stroke.

The Aprilia Dorsoduro 1200 adopts the state of the art in brake technology: at the front are 4-piston radial Brembo calipers gripping 320 mm floating discs. The 240 mm rear disc is also complimented with a Brembo caliper; in this case a single piston unit.

Both the front and rear Aprilia brake systems employ aeronautical grade metal braided hoses, which eliminate the undesirable pressure fluctuations of conventional hoses for maximum braking precision and truly class-beating stopping performance.

The Dorsoduro 1200 gets the Aprilia Traction Control (ATC), an exclusive traction control system working in conjunction with the sophisticated ABS system, which allows the rider to make full use of the performance of the exuberant 1200 cc engine, to tackle challenging terrain.

When active, the Aprilia system offers three different selectable traction control levels that adapt each of the bike’s dynamic parameters to suit the personal needs and preferences of the motorcycle rider.

In Europe, the 2011 Aprilia Dorsoduro 1200 motorcycle is optionally available with a two-channel ABS system, which can be deactivated by the user directly from the instrument panel.

This ABS system is specifically calibrated to let the motorcycle rider fully exploit the power of the brakes and the grip of the tires in the dry, so as not to detract from the immense fun of this supermoto bike.


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