LeoVince: Official AMA Enduro Sponsor

2011 AMA National Enduro

The 2010 motorcycle racing season earned LeoVince X3 two world titles in the World Enduro Championship, and now LeoVince USA will bring that technology and winning attitude to the AMA National Enduro Series as the official exhaust sponsor.

The 10-race series, starting in South Carolina on Feb.27, will run until Oct. 1; the AMA National Enduro Series finale at Covered Bridge in Matthews, Indiana.

LeoVince USA will support the series and attend every race. Services available to competitors will include race and equipment support, sales, and sound/spark arrestor inspection.

Ted Campbell (LeoVince USA’s Racing Manager) says: "We are really happy to be a sponsor and an educational outlet for riders. I’ll be attending these AMA events, and working alongside the series’ promoters to raise awareness on issues such as sound, and land protection, while also offering race support, product sales, and sound testing."

For 2011 LeoVince X3 will have a new stainless steel & titanium competition full system that will be priced cheaper than the full titanium system but only weight a fraction more.

LeoVince USA is expecting great success with this affordable and quiet, competition exhaust. As in years past, LeoVince X3 will continue to perform at 94dB or less, while not requiring repacks until 40 hours.

For more information on LeoVince USA’s race efforts contact Ted Campbell at 510-232-4040 or via email at ted@leovinceusa.com

To learn more about LeoVince USA products, including SBK, X3 and Scoot, email info@leovinceusa.com

About the 2010 AMA National Enduro Series:
Enduros are the oldest form of off-road motorcycle competition in the USA. Enduro’s can trace their beginnings back to 1920 and perhaps even earlier and it is still the premier off-road motorcycle competition around the world today.