Texas Tornado Camp Use LeoVince X3

Motorcycle Racing School

Two-time World Superbike Champion and current MotoGP star, riding for the Monster Yamaha Tech 3 Team, Colin Edwards has created a new business venture titled The Texas Tornado Boot Camp.

As a technical sponsor of the Monster Yamaha Tech3 Team, everyone at LeoVince USA is excited to announce that the LeoVince X3 brand will now be the exhaust of choice for Colin Edwards' camp.

Just as much as LeoVince has engineered and supplied the Monster Yamaha Tech 3 Team with their current silencer for the Yamaha YZR-M1, LeoVince X3 will now be used on The Tornado Boot Camp's entire range of Yamaha TT-R Motorcycles.

Tim Calhoun (Executive Vice President of LeoVince USA) says: "The camp will offer a wide range of activities but will primarily allow Colin Edwards a channel in which to deliver his experiences racing and riding motorcycles for the last 2 decades. LeoVince X3 has been built on the premise of being a strong performing quieter off-road exhaust."

"Regardless of the long-hours and hard nature of the riding, this venue will be a great opportunity for riders to understand the infallible quality and craftsmanship that goes into every LeoVince Exhaust."

For more information on LeoVince USA, LeoVince SBK and LeoVince X3, email marketing@leovinceusa.com.


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