Toschi Compagno Luggage

Motorcycle Bags

Michael Toschi raced motorcycles for 11 years before he became a force in the apparel, footwear, and accessories world.

He used his design talent and his motorcycle-racing experience to transform himself into his perfect target consumer. When he realized that he could not find a motorcycle jacket that he could comfortably wear himself, he designed his own, and then dedicated it to Valentino Rossi.

When Toschi did not like the fit on most of the motorcycle boots he tried on, he produced his own goatskin-lined Motard boot.

Now, Toschi introduces his Compagno travel bag, which straps very nicely on the back of his bike and, in particular, on the back of a BMW.

Toschi has long enjoyed a loyal cult following-customers who know his footwear, gloves, belts, and leather goods. They seek out the carbon fiber wallets, the shrunken lamb jackets, and kid suede shirts.

The motorcycle gloves make great gifts for the rider, and can now be found in select specialty stores nationwide, as well as in Toschi’s own boutique in San Francisco’s Embarcadero Center.

Lined in competition yellow, the Compagno is Toschi’s non-collapsing "performance luxury" travel bag, boasting five zippered storage compartments, a separate shoe storage, a zippered shirt partition and an anti-skid base.

Compartmentalized and compact enough to fit on the back of a motorcycle, the bag allows the rider to keep shoes, clothes and accessories separate. This is not an easy task for any designer, but it is an achievable one when the designer is also a rider.