Jims Lift Caddy: Motorcycle Mobility

Motorcycle Accessories

The new JIMS Lift Caddy, patent pending (No.776) allows you to maneuver occupied motorcycle lifts around your shop or garage effortlessly.

Have you ever started repairing a motorcycle only to discover you are waiting for parts with a bike stuck on a lift and in the way?

The Lift Caddy can be installed in the time it takes to change oil and will allow you to easily roll the delayed motorcycle out of the way.

The Lift Caddy remains locked whenever the lift is on any of the locking bar positions; the heavy-duty casters spin 360 degrees and should be adjusted to engage the ground only when your motorcycle lift is raised past the top locking bar to its highest possible position.

JIMS Lift Caddy will fit Handy Lifts, Direct Lifts or any lift with a 2" square bottom cross member and 15" of mounting space.

This tool has an MSRP of $197.50 and like hundreds of other JIMS tools is backed by a lifetime warranty.

For more information find JIMS on the web at jimsusa.com, become a JIMS Facebook fan, or call 805-482-6913.