ArenaCross: LeoVince Supports Hurt Demuth

Help Josh Demuth Recover Fund

Four-time AMA Arenacross Champion Josh Demuth sustained serious injuries while practicing for the 2011 AMA Arenacross Series.

Demuth sustained many injuries, including a broken wrist, punctured lung, fractured sternum, fractured hip, broken ribs and a few other injuries.

This motorcycle industry has a history of taking care of its own and as Demuth has been a LeoVince X3 supported rider in the past, the company has decided to get involved.

LeoVince USA will be donating 100% of the proceeds from the sale of four individual X3 Full Titanium Exhaust to the Help Josh Demuth Recover Fund.

The auction price starts at $400 a piece so these four systems will be offered at over 60% off the suggested MSRP of a X3 Titanium Full Exhaust.

LeoVince’s X3 Titanium Full Exhaust is a 94dB full system that is USFS approved and makes optimal power with stock fuel settings, helping ArenaCross riders like Demuth achieve success..

LeoVince Race manager Ted Campbell – also a Motocross / Supercross veteran – is well aware of the impact accidents can have on rider and family.

Ted Campbell says: "Our exhausts have been on Josh’s side in the past and he was part of the LeoVince family of athletes. We were delighted to see the success he attained last year and we’re highly concerned for him and his family when the news of his accident broke. We wanted to do something to help him receive the care he will require to recover from the injuries he has sustained."

"In the current economy it is harder and harder to draw from within the industry but my hope is that other companies will step forward with similar offers to help Josh get through this. We send him our best wishes for a full recovery".

For more information on the sales and the Demuth Arenacross fund, click here.

And if you can’t afford any of the items being sold, you can still give a cash donation. Donations may be submitted through using the Send Money option with this email address –

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