Fleda Legacy Tail Light: Tron Legacy Style

Ducati Sport Classic Tail Lights

Fleda Legacy is an innovative tail light, brake and turn-signal system for Ducati Sport Classic motorcycles. The lights can be seen on the Black Ducati Sport Classic that is featured in the new film Tron Legacy.

Fleda is a acronym for Flexible L.E.D. Array. The Fleda Legacy uses a flexible array of LED emitters that alternate between amber and red, which allow for brake and tail light function.

The New Fleda Legacy incorporates a Special FLEDA/PCB board designed to control all system functions. The system comes with stock AMP connectors for the tail light/brake/turn/license plate light function so it is a completely plug and play unit; installation takes less then 10 minutes.

The LED are very bright and highly visible day or night. The lights also clean up the tail section with a modern approach that compliment the Ducati Sport Classics retro/modern design.

They are available in a dual row (DR) or Single Row (SR) LED configuration, with optional license-plate brackets and black-illuminated frames to complete the package.

Brackets are available in two versions: one attaches to the bottom of the FLEDA LEGACY as shown in the photos (Standard Version), or an under-seat version that attaches at the front of the sub-frame pan and hangs down in front of the battery.

The "under-seat" version does require drilling two small holes in the plastic sub-frame pan (Drilling template included).

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