Ducati 1198S Vs Ferrari 458 | Video

Italian Sportbike

Recently, MotorTrend put two of the fastest production machines head-to-head: a 2010 Ducati 1198S and a Ferrari 458 Italia.

If the Italian super-machines went at it in this YouTube video, battling on the quarter-mile road-race circuit at Auto Club Raceway in Fontana, Calif.

The performance of a $287,000 Ferrari vs. that of a $22,000 (new) is quite similar, although the actual machines have nothing in common except their hometown. Just consider weight…the Ferrari 458 is just over 3,400 pounds, whereas the 1198 S is about 440 pounds.

The Ferrari has a 4499cc-V-8 pushing 557 horsepower at 9000 rpm, the Ducati 1198S an 1198cc-V-Twin pushing 170 horsepower at 9750 rpm.

One thing’s for sure, though; both of the Ferrari and the Ducati were built as full-race machines designed for the street. As for the winner, check this video out to see who came out on top.