Heated Motorcycle Socks from Gerbings

Motorcycle Socks

Motorcycle riders, if you get the kind of cold feet that don’t involve a walk down the aisle, then Gerbings has the solution. Introducing the all-new Gerbings Heated Socks.

Made from a perspiration-wicking 4-way stretch material, these socks are the ultimate in cold weather comfort for your feet.

First, they’re extra tall, so they ride up over your calf. No matter how tall or short your motorcycle boots are, these socks work.

Second, the socks are cut specifically for left and right feet, so they fit you even more snugly to deliver extra heat, particularly to your toes.

Finally, that heat comes from Gerbings patented Microwire heating system, with wires so thin you won’t feel them.

And with heat delivered both above and below your feet, you’ll be riding wrapped in soothing comfort.

The new Gerbings Heated Motorcycle Socks. Give cold feet the old motorcycle “boot”. Gerbings Heated Motorcycle Socks have an MSRP of $89.95 and will be available around mid-Dec. 2010.