Posse Dual Temp & Digital Tire Warmers

Motorcycle Tire Warmers

Posse tire warmers offer cutting edge technology, incredible performance all at an exceptional price. Minimal gaps on the heating element ensure the complete tire is heated.

Each warmer is run through a thermal image to insure you have even heat distribution and no imperfections in the heating process. Posse warmer are available in 3 sizes: 180/195, 150/165 and 125GP and two styles.

The Posse Dual Temp Warmers allow user to set desired temperature to High or Low for different conditions. Center switch is off, side with one mark is low (approximately 135 degrees), side with two marks is high (approximately 175 degrees).

Thermostat switch will glow when heating, and go off when desired temperature is met and recycle as needed to maintain setting. The dual temp warmers retail for $279.95.

Posse Pro Digital Warmers offer the same options as the pros use with ability to adjust tire temperature up or down in 1 degree increments with a range of 120-210 degrees. Other optional settings the digital warmer offer is a high limit set point, tolerance, start time delay and temperature sensitivity. The digital warmer retails for $379.95.

Pit Posse Tire Warmer Features:

  • Nomex and Kevlar insulation wrapped in Cordura Nylon
  • Self-adjusting elastic sides
  • Includes carrying bag w/ cinch cord
  • Velcro fastenings to help mounting and dismounting
  • Uses standard 120 volt outlet
  • Easy to follow instruction included
  • Simple push button design
  • Easy to read LED screen (Posse Pro model)
  • 2 year Limited warranty

To place your order or for more production information and any other tool, trailer, transport and shop needs from Pit Posse, please call 727-525-7100 or you can reach us toll free at 866-447-6773.