Suzuki Cobra Tri-Pro Exhaust | Video

Suzuki M109 Exhaust

Looking for some more growl out of your Suzuki M109? Check this YouTube video out and listen…the distinct sound comes from the Cobra Tri-Pro Exhaust.

Cobra says the Tri-Pro is the perfect exhaust aftermarket system because it softens the heavy metal sound that booms from that high-compression, high displacement motor like a double-bass drum.

It tames the edges of those sonic explosions that resonate every time you crank the throttle, without robbing the bike of its signature high-performance rumble.

The Tri-Pro also delivers the muscle that’s the signature of the M109R. This exhaust, available in chrome or black with a chrome tip, has a unique tri-Oval muffler design, with a full-size, aluminum V-tip with dual exhaust ports. The round muffler front seamlessly morphs to tri-oval shape at the rear.

Cobra Tri-Pro 2-into-1 (2006 – 2011) MSRP:
$689.95 Chrome
$789.85 Black


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