Honda V4 Crosstourer Concept

Crosstourer V4

At the EICMA 2010, an International Bicycle and Motorcycle Exhibition in Milan, Italy, Honda has revealed the V4 Crosstourer Concept, the world’s first V4 Adventure Tourer motorcycle.

Sharing the phenomenal V4 engine and the revolutionary Dual Clutch Transmission with the Honda VFR1200F, the V4 Crosstourer Concept is stated to deliver all the fun and excitement of a road sportbike; but with the comfortable upright riding position and maneuverability of an adventure motorcycle.

The VFR1200F was the first motorcycle model to utilize the new iconic V4 engine that signified the beginning of the new era in Honda’s engine line-up.

The V4 Crosstourer Concept will utilize the same engine as the Road Sport category VFR to bring the benefits of this world-beating engine to a new type of customer.

This will be the first time an Adventure Touring motorcycle has been fitted with a compact and powerful four cylinder V-engine unit.

The riding experience will be further enhanced with the V4 Crosstourer Concept being developed with the revolutionary Dual Clutch Transmission that gives seamless gear changes for a sport riding feel.

The new motorcycle is the second Honda to be fitted with this innovative transmission system after the VFR1200F and it is the first time this award-winning technology has been seen in this category.

Honda has strived to bring innovative designs and innovative technology to our motorcycle customers. As a company famed for challenging conventional motorcycle thinking, Honda is committed to producing bikes which fulfill the needs and desires of our customers.

Together with 800cc Crossrunner also revealed at EICMA, the Honda V4 Crosstourer concept expands Honda’s state-of-the-art V4 model line-up.


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