JCR Honda Wins 24 Hours of Glen Helen

Enduro News

The 2010 "24 hours of Glen Helen" endurance motocross race took place over the weekend. This year’s JCR/Honda team consisted of Colton Udall, Timmy Weigand, Nick Brozovich and Benny Breck.

As the defending champions from 2009, the team had a lot on the line and high expectations for this race. The Honda CRF450X race bike was built and prepped by Eric Siraton. The GP style course was a 12-mile mix of endurocross, motocross, asphalt and single track terrain.

The green flag dropped at 10 a.m. Saturday morning for what would become the closest and hardest fought battle in the history of the motocross race. Emotions ran high as the battle never let up through the entire 24 hours.

When the sun came up on Sunday morning the JCR Honda team had the lead but only by a few seconds. Exhausted and fatigued, the team was running on pure desire and refused to concede.

On the final lap at the end of 24 hours of hard racing, Timmy Weigand got on the Motocross bike and took it to the checkered flag with a victory margin of a mere 2 seconds. The JCR/Honda team was overwhelmed with excitement as the 2010 "24 hours of Glen Helen" victory was finally theirs.

Colton Udall says: "I’m pumped to have defended the championship! This race really came down to who wanted it more and I have to congratulate my team for never giving in and charging to the finish. The JCR/Honda pit crew worked through the night and I can’t thank them enough for all their effort. Special thanks to Johnny Campbell, Eric Siraton and Hide Hanawa."

Johnny Campbell says: "What a historic battle and great win for the JCR/Honda team! Back to back Glen Helen 24 hour wins. Colton Udall coordinated a great effort and Nick Brozovich really brought some speed to the table. The Eric Siraton prepped Honda CRF450X was solid the entire race. Special thanks to Lucas Oils for supplying us with such good lubricants and the JCR/Honda pit staff for working tirelessly through the night."