Ducati History Revealed on Video

History Video

Ducati presents its history in a stunning movie on DVD which was premiered at World Ducati Week 2010.

The DVD is now available at the Misano World Circuit, the Ducati Museum book shop and Factory Store and will be available in Ducati Stores around the world.

Located at the Ducati factory headquarters, the 1,000 sq/mt Ducati Museum highlights 50 years of racetrack heritage.

The Ducati Museum opened on June 12, 1998, during the first annual WDW (World Ducati Week), and was officially inaugurated on October 16th later that year.

The Museum has preserved over half a century of Ducati racing history and also the history of the company (before it produced motorcycles) founded by the Ducati brothers in 1926.

Every year the Ducati Museum attracts thousands of fans from all over the world.

From the popular post-World War II "Cucciolo" to the more recent breakthrough with the Desmosedici, the museum highlights 50 years of Ducati technological innovation, award-winning design and, above all, exceptional racetrack performance.

The museum is arranged around an illuminated racetrack that hosts 33 legendary motorcycles with a special spectator area housed in a gigantic red helmet.

Now you can capture the heart of Ducati on your very DVD.

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