Motorland Aragon: Staffed for MotoGP

MotoGP News

As this coming weekend’s race at Aragon Motorland nears, the Spanish circuit is the site of much hustling for Round 13 of the 2010 MotoGP Championship.

The Aragon Grand Prix, which replaced the Hungarian Grand Prix due to the track not being complete on time for MotoGP action, will have over 4,000 people working while the fastest motorcycle racers in the world set compete on the new circuit.

Track officials say about 2,000 people will be working on the team and press side, which includes the Dorna staff. Between 1200 to 1300 will be present working for teams, about 180 for Dorna, and 600 media representatives, which includes camera personnel. All together, Aragon officials say MotoGP brings 260 tons of material in 209 vehicles (190 trucks and 19 motor-homes).

About 1,200 people will be working in public and access areas, which includes 80 members of civil protection, 120 security members, about 500 Civil Guard officers (also distributed inside the circuit area and access), 350 assistants, 32 medical personnel, 10 on the ambulances and three on the fire trucks. Aragon officials says between them, they will form a staff that will facilitate the accommodation of the thousands of fans who will come to the circuit.

Within the complex, about 610 people will be working, which includes maintenance personnel, cleaning aids, security and people in the areas of the press and VIP area. Within the complex, there will be about 70 medical staff and 300 stewards following the course of the activity on the track during the Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There will be a fire truck and eight ambulances and a helicopter for emergency evacuations. Finally, there will be about 70 people working in catering, shops and bars.

The rest of the workers arrive in the form of health personnel both within the circuit and in public areas. This includes 16 doctors that are available: eight in ambulances, one helicopter, one pit-lane, two in the medical car, two orthopedic surgeons at the Medical Center and two anesthesiologists in the center. In addition, there will be 11 in nine other ambulances, one in the pit lane and one in the helicopter.

Also included in this number are nine drivers of ambulances, 30 paramedics in the four checkpoints and permanent medical circuit. Each ICU will consist of a driver, a doctor and a nurse.

Built in 2009 near Alcaniz in Spain, Motorland Aragon features seven right-hand and 10 left-hand corners over its anti-clockwise layout. The riders will be on track at 10:05 a.m. local time Friday.