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KTM is a proven off-road powerhouse, and for the 2010 outdoor motocross season they went against convention and introduced a smaller displacement machine for the 450cc class.

The KTM SX-F 350 debuted with impressive holeshots under the throttle of Mike Alessi. With motocross legend Roger DeCoster joining the KTM squad for 2011, the Austrian mount is certain to be a strong presence.

To get your own KTM machine looking and working like the factory race bikes, the manufacturer has an in-house/aftermarket catalog of performance parts and add-ons.

KTM PowerParts provides the necessary hardware to take your KTM into the realm of factory machine. Starting with a factory sticker kit and limited slip seat cover, all the way through to a KTM-orange spatula for removing mud, KTM offers a slew of factory-grade parts and accessories.

The PowerParts catalog contains copious milled aluminum bits like beefier triple clamps, a trick gas cap, various engine covers and plugs. Replacement wave rotors save weight and add braking power, with bleeding now just a single-man operation with one-way valve on the caliper.

The spoke nipple seatings on the factory rims have been milled for a better fit, reducing movement and adding strength to the wheels.

As for plastic, KTM has a bevy of neat little tricks like the muffler plug for washing (which prevents water getting inside the pipe) and a very cool bike stand with compartments to stow tools and catch parts.

Go to ktm.com/PowerParts.50.0.html to see all the bits. Besides, what better supplier of aftermarket race parts is there for your KTM than those provided by the mother ship?


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