KTM Adventure Motorcycle Tours

2011 Motorcycle Travel

The 2011 KTM Adventure catalogue is ready for devouring. KTM, builder of exceptional off-road motorcycles (as well as on-road bikes) has its finger firmly on the pulse of motorcycle lifestyle, offering a healthy range of off-road tours for the two-wheel adventurer.

The guided tours are an excellent way for motorcycle enthusiasts to get out into the wilds of other countries and other continents with guides well versed in the area, the terrain, and foreign customs.

There are real advantages to participating in organized tours, specifically the luxury of having someone else plan out your route, arrange your hotels, and set up meals and coffee stops. It presents a carefree riding experience over routes that have been carefully scouted and mapped out to deliver the most rewarding riding and sightseeing.

KTM Adventure Tours cover a wide variety of locations, from the island of Elba to the Chianti region of Italy, to Sardinia and Ibisa, South Africa, the Ukranian Pennisula, to Tunisia and numerous routes through the Alps (and many more points in between).

The 2011 catalogue has detailed information regarding required riding ability, routes, dates and pricing. Although sponsored by KTM, with the Austrian bikes available for rent on each of the tours offered, Adventure Tours welcomes other brands of motorcycles.

In addition to straight up touring KTM also offers professional training in their Enduro Camp and their One-On-One lesson program, all designed to get you comfortable and confident riding off-road (often a good idea if you’re at all concerned about your ability – and a bit of assurance that you will end up making the most out of your trip).

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