Bonneville: 750 Twin Record Attempt


Bonneville Salt Flats

Owner and fabricator Charlie Benton sets out to chase a couple of 40-year-old motorcycle land speed records with the help of 2009 650 twin record holder James Rispoli.

Benton who is a veteran tuner relies on his experience and knowledge that dates back to the glory days of NASCAR. Benton continues to use the same competitive spirit when working in his own Southport, NC race facility.

In 2007 Benton built and tuned the race motorcycles for the Pair of Nines Moto-ST race team of Hall of Famers Gary Nixon, Jay Springsteen and Jimmy Filice.

On March 2, 2008 Benton’s team of Rispoli and Cobb took home first place gold at the legendary Daytona speedway winning the Daytona 300 Moto/ST.

In 2009, his first time on the Salt Flats, Benton and rider James Rispoli set a new AMA motorcycle land speed record in the 650 twin class.

In 2010 Benton sets his sights on crushing the 750 twin land speed record in both the open bike classes and the streamliner class that have been standing since 1969 and 1974.

To attack the records Benton has again chosen pro road racer and pro flattracker James “the Rocket” Rispoli to get the job done.

Charlie Benton says: “I am so excited to be going back to Bonneville after some records that have been standing for better than 40 years. We spent time in the wind tunnel after last years record breaking and learned a lot.”

“I built a new 750 cc class twin on a modified chassis and we think we have a great shot a new record. I’m confident James will do his job and now with some experience under the team’s belt, we are better prepared than ever.”

James Rispoli
says: “To have this opportunity again with Charlie this year is even more special than last years Bonneville run. Charlie has built a crazy fast 750 motor and I can’t wait to ease it down the measured mile in hopes of capturing a world record.”

“Last year was incredible, but this year should be the best. My mechanic Dustin will join me in support of our efforts and it will be a great experience for all of us again.”

Cycle Dynamics will be on the salt August 30th to September 1st.


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