Tucker Rocky: 100% AMA Membership

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The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) is pleased to announce that AMA corporate member Tucker Rocky has increased its support of the motorcycling advocacy and lifestyle association by achieving 100 percent AMA membership among the company’s sales associates.

Steve Johnson (Tucker Rocky President and CEO) says: "Like all AMA members, we are motorcycle enthusiasts, and it only makes sense that we support the organization that stands up for everyone in the motorcycling community," said . "The goals and responsibilities of the AMA are in direct alignment with the goals and responsibilities of Tucker Rocky. We support the AMA, and we encourage all motorcyclists and fans of the sport to do so as well."

AMA President and CEO Rob Dingman said that the AMA greatly appreciates the commitment of Tucker Rocky and its sales associates.

Rob Dingman says: "Tucker Rocky’s impressive milestone is a notable accomplishment, and it is an important step in a developing partnership that will lay the foundation for unifying all of motorcycling in its support of our lifestyle. It is this generation’s responsibility to preserve and grow motorcycling for the next, and none of us can afford to sit on the sidelines if we are to achieve that goal."

"The threats to motorcycling are greater now than ever before," Dingman said. "Whether motorcycling is your passion, your business or both, we must unite under a common banner to make our voice heard."

Dingman encouraged other companies to contact the AMA to discuss how they can become more involved in the Association’s mission to protect and promote the motorcycling lifestyle.

Tucker Rocky is an industry-leading company in the wholesale distribution of powersports parts, accessories and apparel.

Its consumer brands include Answer, BikeMaster, Biker’s Choice, MSR, ProTaper, QuadBoss and Firstgear. More information about Tucker Rocky can be found at TuckerRocky.com.


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