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In just a few days, motorcycle racers from around the globe will gather to compete at the 2010 Red Bull Indianapolis GP for Round 11 of the 2010 MotoGP Championship, held Aug. 27 to 29.

Many of these GP racers have already gained legendary status the world over. But in addition to these luminaries, a host of young racers aged 12-16 prepares for competition in a special youth class that will see them riding the Moriwaki MD250H powered by Honda. Perched at the brink of their budding careers, these young racers will step onto the biggest stage imaginable.

The trophies that await the victors have been specially crafted by Moriwaki Engineering for this momentous occasion.

Midori Moriwaki (Managing Director, Moriwaki Engineering Co. Ltd.) says: “Recognizing that the MD250H race at the 2010 Red Bull Indianapolis GP is truly a historic occasion, my father and I thought this is such a special event we should try to capture the passion both Honda and Moriwaki hold for racing and place that passion into a uniquely crafted trophy,” said “And so with this distinctive trophy we hope to inspire young racers and fans around the world to recognize that events such as this are a great way to enter the sport of racing and motor sports!

“Notice that the trophy stand is actually a triple clamp from a MD600 Moto2 racer, and the trophy itself takes the form of an MD250H-one laser-cut out of titanium plate that carries the coloration distinctive to Moriwaki exhaust silencers. This trophy symbolizes the ‘road to the world championship’; every young person who starts racing always dreams of becoming a world champion. So this trophy serves as a message for young riders: Your efforts are the first steps that may lead you toward becoming a champion.”

The Moriwaki MD250H is a purpose-built GP-style race bike that incorporates a Honda-built single-cylinder four-stroke engine sourced from the CRF250X.

The MD250H also features an aluminum frame with massive main spars, a single radial-mount front disc brake, inverted fork, Pro-Link single-shock rear suspension, racing wheels and tires, plus a works-style welded aluminum fuel tank.

This is a formula that parallels the World Grand Prix Moto2 class, which features racing chassis engineered by various manufacturers, including Moriwaki, that all use a spec-built Honda engine based on the CBR600RR powerplant.

During the 2010 Red Bull Indianapolis GP, these young racers will compete on both Saturday and Sunday in points-paying events sanctioned by the United States Grand Prix Racers Union (USGPRU) that lead to $180,000 in contingency awards sponsored by Honda.

The Saturday race flags off at 4:30 p.m. and the Sunday race begins early at 10:20 a.m.-don’t miss any of this exciting racing!

Go to for more details about MD250H racing and the USGPRU.

For more information about American Honda’s involvement in the 2010 Red Bull Indianapolis GP, contact: American Honda Motor Co., Inc. (310) 783-3745.


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