Scorpion: EXO-750 Helmet

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Twist that throttle and live life in the fast lane... or get out of the way! Scorpion's radical "Live Fast" EXO-750 helmet is coming.

Taking all the technological advantages the engineers could build into a helmet and combining it with some real craziness from the graphics guys, the Live Fast lid offers the look of a speed demon merged with the security of the AirFit system.

Starting with Scorpion's proven fiberglass/Kevlar matrix shell technology, the EXO-750 shell is fitted with the new AirFit internals from the top-of-the-line EXO-1000 for the best of both worlds.

The EXO-750 is lighter than the popular EXO-700 it was based on, even with the addition of the AifFit system. Best of all, the lightweight shell meets or exceeds all ECE/DOT safety standards.

No matter how crazy things may get in the fast lane, the helmet pump inflation system ensures that the Live Fast lid will always offer the sanity of a perfect fit. A series of internal air chambers at the cheek and neck roll area allow any rider to change the fit of their helmet on the fly via a couple taps of the chinbar-mounted air pump/bladder release buttons.

Scorpion's KwikWick washable moisture-wicking comfort liner keeps riders cool, calm and collected when they are on the bike. Equally cool, the SpeedShift quick-change system allows the outer faceshield to snap into place in less than 10 seconds - without tools!

However, it is the radical graphics that will really turn heads when this lid blasts by in the fast lane!

Scott Wilkinson (Scorpion Graphic Guru) says: "The EXO-750 Live Fast graphics embody a multitude of elements that are a reflection of life in the fast lane. It is a depiction of whacked skulls, a roll of the dice and a lucky horseshoe that gives onlookers the impression of a loose cannon!"

Of course there are also other color options for folks who can't handle the pace of the Exo-750 Live Fast look. The Exo-750 is available in a vintage graphic, solid matte black and solid hypersilver.

Regardless if you go full speed ahead with the Live Fast look or opt for the vintage or solid colorways, there is a wide array of blacked-out, tinted or mirrored EverClear® faceshields to match them all. Time to twist that throttle and Live Fast!

MSRP for the EXO-750: $219.95 (solid), $239.95 (vintage graphic), $249.95 (Live Fast graphic).


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