X-Games Sportbike Freestyle Report

Motorcycle Stunt Rider Report

I just got back from a groundbreaking event, the first XDL X-Games Sportbike Freestyle demo. All motorcycle stunt riders have been dreaming of this since day one.

After an uneventful 3,000 mile drive, we made it to the LA Coliseum. I was so stoked to be in the presence of such great athletes.

I can't count how many times someone has called me crazy for what I do, but after seeing the three story ramp being used for the big air comp, my sport didn't seem so crazy after all!

At the XDL event, big stunt riding names were in attendance, from fellow Shift rider Chris McNeil to Darius Khashabi.

XDL has really been moving forward to promote stunt riding in a positive way. The riders basically rode a downsized XDL competition for the demo. There was a Sickest Trick event, the Womens cup, Wheelie teach, Battle of the brands, and the FMF cup.

The intent of this comp was to get espn and the X-Games big-wigs to understand what our sport has to offer and to hopefully make it a full X-Games event in 2011.

From what I heard, all of the right people were happy with the excitement our sport provided so I'm hoping for some great things to come for sportbike freestyle. Thanks to all who have helped myself and the sport get this far.

Thank you all: SHIFT, Racing 905, Warrior International, Dave Bolognese, Hindle Exhaust, Sparx Helmets, HEL brake lines, Gabriel Racing, Port of Worcester Tatoos, Amsoil, Shinko Tires, Thrust Co, Bike Styles, Stuntride.com, and Hohey Designs.


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