Sturgis: Broken Spoke Smoke Down Video

Sturgis Video

On Monday night at the 2010 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, S&S Cycle’s own Ken Wolfe competed in the Baker Drivetrain Smoke Down Showdown at the Broken Spoke Saloon.

Not only was he competing, he was defending his 2009 Sturgis title. The competition was bike builder vs. bike builder, first one to 5th gear AND hits the button wins.

We congratulate Ken Wolfe for his first round win but on his second round, he got to 5th gear with a large lead and started the touchdown celebration dance too soon and forgot to hit the button.

Who knows, he may have won this year as well. Better luck next year. That’s one impressive build.

Ken Wolfe entered with his custom bike with an S&S SH-103 engine and an S&S clutch in a modified Harley Davidson Shovehead frame. Other parts are Ken Wolfe custom.

The actual winner of the 2010 Baker Drivetrain Smoke Down Showdown was Scott Parker from Scott Parker Racing. Congratulations Scott! Here is the video of Scott’s victory run.