Harley-Davidson Fat Ape Handlebar Kits

Harley Parts

Designed to fit many Softail, Touring, and Dyna models, Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Accessories is offering a 16-Inch Fat Ape Handlebar Kit with Riser.

The 1.25-inch diameter handlebar is designed for riders with longer arms, or those looking to project a "fist in the wind" riding attitude. Factory-drilled for internal wiring, the bar can be rotated and secured in the clamp at a personalized position.

The motorcycle handelbar kit includes a matching riser and custom handlebar clamp that conceals the wiring exit. A similar kit, the 12-Inch Fat Ape Handlebar Kit with Riser is available for riders who want a less-radical height. The 16-Inch version runs $320, while the 12-Inch version is $300.

Installation may require a change in clutch and/or throttle cable and brake line with components sold separately, and may not fit with some accessories, according to Harley-Davidson, who recommends you see an authorized Harley-Davidson dealer for fitment details.

Be sure to check state and local handlebar height regulations before installation.


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