Zero Motorcycles Gets $900K Grant

Zero-Emission Motorbikes

Zero Motorcycles, the global leader in the electric motorcycle industry, was recently awarded a $900,000 grant from the California Energy Commission to begin development of a new advanced compact electric powertrain project.

Additional matching funds from the city of Santa Cruz, and other contributors brings the total allotment to more than $1,840,000.

Zero’s next generation powertrain technology will be developed near its headquarters in the city of Santa Cruz which stands to benefit by economic growth and job creation.

As part of this program, Zero will leverage today’s best technology by working with existing partners and electric drivetrain component suppliers. By combining the expertise of its internal development teams with leading component manufacturers, Zero has evolved a strategy to ensure that its electric motorcycles will remain leaders in performance, range and efficiency.

Gene Banman (CEO of Zero Motorcycles) says: We are honored to receive this generous grant from the California Energy Commission and excited to develop this next generation powertrain technology in Santa Cruz. This is a milestone for us because it allows Zero to control the development of its entire powertrain just like legacy motorcycle manufacturers who build their own engines and transmissions. In addition, Zero’s advancements in compact electric powertrains will benefit the powersports industry through the sales and licensing of the technology.”

“Zero Motorcycles is a company that develops and manufactures innovative products in a competitive and sustainable manner and we fully support their expansion in Santa Cruz,” said Bonnie Lipscomb, Director of Economic Development and Redevelopment for the city of Santa Cruz. “Essentially, this is about creating green jobs for our community– it’s the best kind of public-private partnership.”